Any girls into sport bikes

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This article has been updated on January 31, For a new rider, the selection of motorcycles on the market can seem overwhelming, especially when you're not sure where to start. Fortunately there are bikes that prove time and time again to be ideal choices for new riders. We've compiled a list of those bikes with the new woman rider in mind, bikes we think are the best beginner motorcycles. At Women Riders Now, we recommend starting out on a smaller motorcycle, one on which a newly minted rider can easily and confidently practice the skills learned in the motorcycle training class.

There are certainly other motorcycles beginners can learn on—for example, some small displacement dual-sports—however this list reflects the most popular new and used motorcycle choices among beginning women riders. Except for the Harley-Davidson Sportster models included in our list, we don't recommend learning on a motorcycle that is more powerful than that so we list only motorcycles with engine displacements less than cc, with a few exceptions.

The only reason the Sportster s are listed is because they were long considered Harley-Davidson's entry level model before the Street was introduced. Because the majority of the female riding population rides a Harley-Davidson it's necessary we include the Motor Company's "entry level" model that many women have started on over the years. Other than that, all these motorcycles fall into the small displacement category with a few exceptions.

Again, it's worth Any girls into sport bikes that historically these are the motorcycles that women have had the highest chances of success learning on and practicing with before trading up to a bigger motorcycle. That is the premise of this list. Therefore these are considered the best beginner motorcycles for new riders. The motorcycles are listed by the in this order: cruiser, standard style, sportbike, alternatives, classics. Cruisers a lean-back riding position. Description The Rebel is the consummate entry-level bike encompassing size, looks, and a price tag that continues to attract new riders since Honda introduced it in There are many used ones on the market, and it's a bike that generally retains its value.

The Rebel hasn't changed much looks-wise over the last two decades with t Any girls into sport bikes cruiser styling, lots of chrome, spoke wheels, 5 speed transmission, and a twin-cylinder four-stroke engine. This is a tried and true starter motorcycle with many successful "graduates. Read a review of the Honda Rebel from a WRN reader, and check out our story on the new color options for the Rebel. For model yearcolor options and specs remain the same. ForHonda replaced this stalwart with the all-new Honda Rebel andfeatured above. Description Introduced as an all new model inthe Harley-Davidson Street and are the Motor Company's newest entry level motorcycles that far surpass the Sportster line as a beginner bike.

We recommend the cc for true beginners getting used to what it feels like to handle a motorcycle. The low seat height and upright seating position allow new riders to easily learn what it feels like to become "one" with the motorcycle. Read our story on the bikes' introduction. Description The midsize Kawasaki Vulcan is a popular entry-level motorcycle that was discontinued in after a nearly year production run. There are plenty of used ones to be had. The Vulcan remained in Kawasaki's lineup for years because it was a top seller among women and first-time riders.

We've seen many women less than 5 feet keep this motorcycle as their end-all bike. Despite its smaller engine size, the Vulcan LTD packs a lot of power into its six speeds and features classic cruiser looks, like its chrome-plated wire-spoke wheels, that never go out of style. Description Of Harley-Davidson's Sportster motorcycles currently available, the Iron is the newest, debuting inand one of only two models available now in It has the smaller "peanut" style fuel tank so it holds less fuel than the SuperLow.

Styling is edgier than the traditionally styled SuperLow with drag style handlebars, a chopped rear fender, and blacked-out accents.

Any girls into sport bikes

The Iron gets beginners going with attitude! Inupgrades were made to the Sportsers including new brakes, an ABS option and of course, new colors. Read a review of the Iron by a WRN reader. Description True to its name, this bike's seat height is a low The Sportster Low originally replaced the Sportster Hugger, popular in the s because of its low seat.

Any girls into sport bikes

Now the Low itself has been discontinued and replaced by the SuperLow, so don't confuse the two. Like the regularits sister model that was also discontinued inthe Low is relatively light. It has most of the same Any girls into sport bikes as the regularbut it comes with a solo seat positioned to scoot the rider closer to the handlebars, which are angled closer to the rider.

As with the SuperLow, some may say an cc motorcycle should not be included in the same beginner bike class as the cc motorcycles. However, we'd be remiss not to include it here as many riders want to ride a Harley-Davidson right out of the gate, and the Sportster line has long been regarded as the entry into the Harley-Davidson family.

We recommend the Sportster Low only for the most confident of new riders. Description The Honda Grom, brand new indoesn't resemble too many other motorcycles with its inch tires and full size frame, but that's OK with Honda. The company is attracting new, young riders who want something different—maybe a little funky. The 4-speed, fuel-injected single cylinder cc engine is so unique that experienced riders are choosing this as an urban "fun-mover.

Forthe Grom's been redeed for a sharper, more aggressive look, and this bright yellow color was added to the line-up. Description The Van Van is an exciting new entry to our beginner motorcycles list for giving pure newbies another option for their first bike.

This entry-level Suzuki has one of the smallest displacement engines in our list at cc so power stays under control as the new rider learns the basics of riding. Seat height is on the "high" side" at The single cylinder fuel-injected engine is powered by a 5-speed transmission. Retro styling lets you be cool while you're riding your first several hundred miles as a new motorcyclist.

A motorcycle with an upright seating position like this is an ideal way to learn how it feels to control a motorcycle for the first time. Later on you can decide if you want to stay with a standard or choose a cruiser, sportbike, sport touring, or dual-sport. Description The SR is classically styled standard beginner bike with a decent-powered engine at cc. It has more "oomph" than a cc, but not too much where the power could overwhelm a new rider. The fuel-injected, single cylinder 5-speed engine is just what a beginner needs to stay in control of the motorcycle while practicing those basic motorcycle handling skills.

What makes this bike unique among its counterparts is the absence of a push-button starter. Rather, the bike harkens back to motorcycling's roots with an easy-to-use kickstarter, the only means of getting the engine started. We feel any seat height more than 30 inches is on the high side for average height beginner women, so the Riders 5-feet-5 and taller should be able to handle the size because of the light weight and narrow profile.

Description The Z Pro blurs the lines between an upright standard motorcycle and a sportbike. While aesthetically it looks like a sportbike with its edgy angled de, we put it in the standard category because the rider sits on it more like a standard, and to a newbie getting used to the feel of a motorcycle, sitting upright is an easier position to learn on than the leaned-over position of a sportbike. The cc single cylinder engine keeps the bike squarely in the entry-level category, but it shares the nimbleness and handling characteristics of its bigger Kawasaki Z motorcycle line cousins, albeit with less power.

New riders looking for a more real-world looking motorcycle, but one that's easy to learn on and doesn't get away from you, this cc is a nice bike to consider. Description Not to be confused with its sportier, aggressively styled racetrack inspired cousin, the CBRR, the CBF has a roomier upright seating arrangement and is Any girls into sport bikes with nimble handling that inspires confidence in beginners who want a real-world feeling sportbike as their first motorcycle.

While it shares the same electronic fuel-injected single cylinder engine as the CBRR, the power delivery has been tuned for riders still getting comfortable with riding a motorcycle.

Any girls into sport bikes

No changes have been made to this motorcycle since We are not listing the CBRR here because the aggressive seating and power delivery is not ideal for those new to riding a motorcycle. to a Friend. Send. Two sections where you can read first-hand from women about the motorcycles they started on, including their successes as well as their "bumps in the road," are the Your Questions Answeredand the Your Stories sections.

We do not list prices as they vary from year to year. Also, in recent years some of these models have been discontinued but remain popular choices for beginners thanks to the used market. Where applicable, we've made a note of that. If there is no new or updated model from a manufacturer in a particular category, then one doesn't exist. For example, currently Kawasaki offers no current model year beginner cruiser style motorcycles.

Also, it's worth nothing that this article was originally published in with continual updates through the years.

Any girls into sport bikes

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