Diving buddy needed

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On your entry-level scuba diving course you will have learned how to dive alongside a buddy, and your instructor will likely have stressed the importance of the buddy system to make your dives safer and more fun. Read on to discover why the buddy system is so important, what it takes to be a great scuba diving buddy, and what to do if you find yourself travelling solo and needing to get to know a new buddy. We all start somewhere with our dive journey, and with the exception of technical divers who can eventually be trained to become self-reliant, we learn to dive with a buddy so that we should always have someone to rely on underwater.

Diving buddy needed

One of the most important qualities is great communication. Observing swimming styles and breathing patterns may mean you can notice if your buddy is uncomfortable, for example, and allow you to prevent problems before they arise.

However, not every diver embarks on their journey with a buddy that will complete courses alongside them, and if we travel solo to seek out new dive adventures we may need to pick up new buddies for just a few dives at a time. Below are some topics to discuss pre-dive in order to get to know your new buddy better. Are you looking for scuba buddies?

our Girls that Scuba Together group Diving buddy needed find new female dive buddies! When pairing you with a new buddy most dive operations will endeavour to similar experience levels together, but you should still invest some time in getting to know them before you back roll in together.

An Advanced Open Water diver could be someone who has just completed their course, with only ten dives total in warm water and no current, or could just as easily be somebody with hundreds of dives in varied temperatures and levels of visibility. This applies not only to depths, but also to comfort level with certain elements of the dive. As the more experienced diver you may have the opportunity to share some wisdom, and as the less experienced diver you may learn something new. Many people follow the rule that any diver can cancel any dive, at any time, for any reason, with no judgement from the rest Diving buddy needed the group.

If your dive will be more independent than simply following a Divemaster and a larger group as you can sometimes find on liveaboards or large day boatsthen check that you and your buddy are on the same when it comes to the pace of your dive.

Diving buddy needed

: What NOT to do on your first liveaboard. Underwater rattles and tank banging can really divide opinion amongst divers, so check that your buddy is happy for you to get their attention that way.

Diving buddy needed

Whilst it will still require you to get to know them when you meet in person, there are ways to find a new buddy in your future dive destination before your arrival. One option is our Facebook group Girls that Scuba Together, which allows you to post the place and dates of your upcoming trip to discover if anyone else from our community will be able to dive with you! We also wrote about another great way to find buddies online through SeaCrush here. About the author - our GTS blogger Lauren. Lauren originally learned to dive inand her heart has been in the ocean ever since.

In her sense of adventure and passion for the underwater world led her to Indonesia, where she completed her PADI Divemaster and Instructor qualifications. Why is the buddy system so important? What makes a good buddy? How to get to know a new buddy. A great way to find a buddy is to look out for the Girls that Scuba Diving buddy needed strap. Set the pace and purpose. How will you communicate? Find a new buddy ahead of time. Have you ever been paired with an awesome buddy on a one-off dive? Let us know in the comments below, or share your stories with our Facebook group or on Instagram girlsthatscuba!

About the author - our GTS blogger Lauren Lauren originally learned to dive inand her heart has been in the ocean ever since.

Diving buddy needed Diving buddy needed

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