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I nlrn at thehoine of Mayor. State finance mM'oner, directed Borough trney Thomaa Doughty to v up an ahiendnrent to it a performance ordinance. Kt Onmuiclntfthai the amend ft wmld he introduced -ecouncil a licjt eeadton July pod that 'a pulil- heating fid then he art fir the pro--d o n.

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La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

Kerr in UAf Sb-fA '. Ld h'v JP. V early Gone I nnnn1 fiom Ij - r must appioprlaie another nu. M their shirr of ilt rrllcf for the mr. Sim lfifSlios of ihr HhA Imula, rrdiictlon In nudity roata and a lranfr io r mlclpalltlra of many liaal khlrnia mould rnahlr hr Xlnk dmdnrrd.

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

Clifton Reniaeni a p'-inclpal In the still rase a railed attention In, the y of federal Judges In lm-ngjall gentatfrea on ptlncl-i invlcled v of ' operating i. Hla troua era ate dark and may he of over-ell material. He might he wearing tneekera or -heavy, ebon end at tlmea weara a colored -ehlyt with alpper. He might be a laborer, fatm hand or woodaman and apparently knnwv the country and hills In the' vicinity of the New Jereey-New York atate'.

The ,rer ia dirty and nolay The iilate polite have iaaued wldeapread elarmaifor the-ap-prehenalon of the "phantom. All peraonr"ltaliig knowledge of or coining upon anyone meeting Ihe - fotegolng deacuptlon la urged to telephone Ihe Pompton I-akea aub nation of IheNNew Jeiaey aiHle" police at Pompton I-akea All Infocmatlon will lie treated confidentially. A fourth crime being rhniged jegalnal the "phantom" took plaee"pver Ihe -atate line, near Monroe on June H,the - dav after-the WaynA' townahlp aa-aault In that cao alaty vear-old woman waa aaaulted. Hon with the New 'JeTsey loopeta.

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

Committee ate in terra mail, l Wiley, Fleet" recHand. Smiih, chucguian. Chat lea Srhamach. Itolary Felice at Ion Fradei lak. Veil herger, c lialr-man. Freeman, Filbert I. Boa-eiialetn,James' ilergen, Alex Mac l. Kail G. Arthur Uuertln, Setoop I. Juliua Weaaenhorn, Harvey 7. Charlea Ruaafll, Frank F. Neale, chairman; Franklin A Petara, Stuart Huber, Deny W. Klrleh, Malcolm l. Day, Jr Hluociaa John J. Service Hub OvuwrH I. Audit 'Mwetf T Chryatal Brown. Kerr, William t" H.

Pruden, William Van' Riper. Charles Elbow. Ito a W ork Arthur Uiiertln. Frank Warner, K. Dei-met, Clair Wlghtuian. Itaral I rhew. Harold C W ettyen. Skinner la charged with shoot-Ift.! Ins hife. Flordnce-Hudaon suiimer. For aomamiiue ah' - hciverwl between life and dcuili In the llackenaai k hospital J.

In I he rest of the house, hut IxJs nerve failed him lie waa picked up soon afei, iklnner Hr been remanded to -rhe conn-tv Jail pending aelitenee next week - -e. O'Dea and John T. Donohue anrf Commlsalnnen tdrlap, Patmoa.

William Flllrroft. H Kyus, prealdent ef the executive ytien tpremter. The, Chinese people are by nature end philosophy peace-loving. We have been anxious to he left alone to work out our In-ternai, development, for the benefit both, of our people. Unfortunately, tha repeated armed aggressions of Japans mllllarlata have left ,us no choice- but to lake up ariua In self-defense.

T- I Illee Maachurtw 1 fn 1 1 3 1 when Japan Invaded liinae - northeastern provinces, Manchuriathe world was cheated and bluffed by Japan's clever propaganda. The endless Doublet hat since hive followed have aught' the world a lesson that la Indeed costly.

Kinouraged hy tha worlds Inaction toward their Manchurian Invasion and driven by their unbounded luat' for 'power and supremacy. Japan's militariata art now taking advantage ofpthe western powers' preoccupation with their prnblemt at home and nnhlcgvly seeking to conquer China a step toward realls-Inu their fiantic dream of aialilishlng heaentony In lha Pacific and eventual domination over Ihe world.

Japan a army have perpetrated oil the Chinese soil horrible acta of irnelty. Indecency and vandalism that are unbelievable In lire. In thus vluotously-' reaiatuig her invader, China la taking a courageous aland against, the onward march of brutal tnllljarlam and International brigandage. Hire la fighting sot-only foryber. In a Terv real aense, Chiua la fighting also for the oppressed mnsaea of the Japanese people who. Do the one hunt, it baa remove.

As thef war goes on, 'hlna s fighting men have gained experience and stiengili eivtiHe the nation haa In-ilium mine srfTIdly nulled and more self- onfldent than aver. When the hlatorv or this nnda-i lared war is wiltren. Such filendly hnnianltailan acii aut. The' terrorism, presumably Instigated hy Chinese fired hy patriotism aud hitler resentment of tha Japanese, was sporadic. It broke out early in lha day, and flared again and again.

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers Hpread hat The Chlneee admitted for the first time that they had lost Hn-kow. From llukow tbs Japanese were spreading out along tha Yangtae to consolidate their positions and to athrt a 'final" drive on Hankow.

Airplanes left Itukow today to bomb Chinese troop positions north of tha eltyJn an attrmnt to Mint a path for Vdvanclng Infantrymen. Thn Chinee government urged evacuate, - Airplane soared over lha elty today dropping pamphlet aiylng Old men, women tnd children should leave quickly for the rear no that w ran establish our national defense and Industry.

The Japanese commander-la-chief In 'mid-China, Gen. He believed, however, that the day Is not far distant when clear and Immovable fans will dtapell Chinese dreams to create a situation similar to Napoleon's -march on Moscow aa lh morning sun melts Into tho mist of the night. July 7.

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

Generalissimo Frasrisco- Franco, Bpaniah Nationalist leader, has given the British government definite assurance that he will tolerate no foreign Intervention or domination in Spaln If the Insurgent win the. It waa 'ald today in whattwaa believed to he an unimpeachable quarter. Hodgaon was reported to hare given Chamberlain a most Important outline. Io some detail, of -Nationalist -plana fur tfih fu-tiire-otHpala and particularly In relation to the foreign aid wbiih the Nationalist!

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

It wua reported, Framo. Urencli - Spalitab Frontier, July 7. URT Nationalist forces laid siege today to tha town of Nitlea. Immediate objective of ihe Insurgents In their drlxc on Valencia. Tho Nallpualiita reported that thn I. July 7 U. Defendant in Harlan1 "Mint Trial Slain Continued" front 1 restaurant but broke away from hla unnamed captor, l-aat Tuea-day gnother deputy-defendant, l-ee likenor, waa arrested on a shooting ehatge after a man one fonvleled of killing Flee-nor'a father was wounded In a gunfight near-Harlan.

After learning that he fia wanted hy tha prosecutor hi went to hi offiie Immediately, he anld. Pometti a home at Lakn-vlew avenue wa raided on Saturday bf Chief Sen and Captain William Drew of thn county pbllrn end l-eo Donnelly of Ih Paterson detnrtlv huienu, but he waa not takerf Into custody. The honi wa Tea rr bed bv thn police nd completely equipped aurglral room conflaraled and turned over to Prosecutor Dun.

At ithn Pometti home, in police also found detailed record! Dunn has relied icvcral nt those named alreedy for questioning, end within Ihe neat weekg expert to talk to manx more HJa, ha said, attempting to determine thq Roooevelt Siartt Stumping Tour f Continued from-Pagb 1 tour to Alaska which Farley arranged several -weeks ago as an escape from factional Democratic fights haa turned Into a apeeeh-maklng trip that will rival l oratorical output tho Frealdaot'a journey. Haq may ramhr--a dlaeraotly alloot on this topic ho haa to dote.

Whoa Farley got ready to fight, well-informed persona say, It will ho aa laador of Democrats against Republican. Opportunity for that will coma this fall whad tbqf primaries era over.

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

It haa. Ho may do hla part maroly by dropping a word bars and there to atoto organisation chief. Whether tho President hlmsolf wilt lend a hand publicly to tho Now Deal opponents of this trio Iso remains undisclosed. He aid Tuesday ha may-not slop ln,South Carolina on hla return from hla western tour. Amid the bustle of last-mluute bualneaa before starting hla Jnonth-long totrr toulght, tna President Received word of these economic developments;?

Poetmaater General Farley aaid postal earnings for tha last 12 months were thq highest on record. The Rural Electrification Administration nude Ita flrat nl-lotnteiits In the new'"pump-prim-lng program, setting aside til. The Interstate Commerce Commission authorised eastern railro to Increase coach fares o iie-half cent a mile. The carrier estimated till would boost revenue , a year. Chairman Jeaaq H. Jones -Joqnred the RFC would borrow moi e thanO Mahoney D-Wyechairman bf tha Monopoly Investigation1 committee, predicted that bualueaamen genet ally. Conway P.

La linea dela Paterson New Jersey hookers

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