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There is something that has changed and it comes upon us by surprise and without effort. Finally, a reprieve Generally, the circumstances are no different and nothing on the outside is different but something is different! It is much like a breath of fresh air or a fresh aroma that is new yet so familiar. The familiarity is of something old and ancient. The aroma, so to speak, reminds us of something yet we can't quite put our finger on it. It may be the aroma i. It is of something distant yet close at the same time. Something new has happened because we shift from future opportunities to realizing and living out the truth that there are only opportunities for this moment.

Pain and suffering become less of the focus because our relationship to suffering has changed. We begin to sense an inkling that we are tapped into something much bigger. It feels very mysterious yet core. Most of all, we are learning to sit in the emptiness. Yet the difference is we are able to sit long enough for the unfolding. It happens without our self-will. And if something doesn't unfold -- we are able to wait and are ok with the waiting. It is in the waiting that events occur that were not thought or planned. It is less about the controlling, achieving, willing, or performing one's way through it and instead Note: This is not meant to be a formula.

In fact, there are no formulas, thought processes, paradigms, or systems. Those all point to the smaller self. Those are the things we try to formalize, trademark, whereby it becomes more about us and following a known Lonely married Brentwood controllable system. This is what the ego wants!

Lonely married Brentwood

We come to know by experience that this Other is found within us not outside us. This is the beginning of contemplation. We are learning to be connected through contemplation which will be discussed in Stage 8. In reflecting over my practice, some of the most powerful therapy sessions I have been apart Lonely married Brentwood came when utilizing Brainspotting or EMDR. These therapies sound complex but are essentially are very simple.

In a lot of ways, its like hyper-focused mindfulness. It is not that these are the answer or some formula. Yet, when these do work, clients report clarity and peace ah ha moments where they come to some realization on their own - a message from within. I have seen it time and time again and it is always much more powerful and transformative than something I provide.

I say all this because it affirms that we already hold the answer from within. We come to sit in the empty space knowing and trusting that this is where life is lived. We begin to know by experience that something much deeper inside will lead us. We come to experience that we have never been as alone as we thought. That in fact something was with us all this time. Up till now, we have been trying to gain by improvement but we learned to let go in Stage 6 which is what opened up newness. David Whyte states that "to be yourself requires a radical initiation or simplification".

You will love again the stranger who was your self. Give wine.

Lonely married Brentwood

Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you. Take down the love letters from the bookshelf. Feast on your life. Entering into this stage Just when you thought the pain and humiliation would stop it doesn't. But why? What is the point to all this raw pain and suffering? It is here in this Stage that we learn to accept and acknowledge our powerlessness. Finally we are learning to fully let go. We come to accept and live with this feeling of powerlessness. This feeling comes from our Smaller Self, also known as our ego. As Richard Rohr states regarding this stage, "Almost any attempt to save yourself by any superior behavior, technique, belonging system, morality, role, strong ideological belief, or religious devotion will not work It is not that those things in and of themselves are the problem.

The problem was that our Smaller Self was in charge. We were living out of self will. This may sound Lonely married Brentwood but we are learning to have a relationship with darkness or emptiness. Rohr explains, "darkness is a much better teacher than supposed certainty or rightness" or light. David Whyte shared, in his audiobook Midlife and the Great Unknown, that so much of the journey is embracing the unknown. Whyte states, "We learn to have a relationship with the unknown [powerlessness] that all the work in reality has been done. Now we must learn to just let go Me, myself I will throw away Suffering comes from all the things and attachments we were trying to hold onto that were just not ours to hold in the first place.

Rohr states that "suffering is optional pain is not".

Lonely married Brentwood

Pain are those tragedies and events where life interrupts and rips aways things we held dear. Suffering is the unnecessary longings we mistakenly take as satisfying. There is a phrase in step communities that we stop trying to force solutions. And instead we learn to wait. We begin to befriend the pain and suffering. During this stage, it will feel less like a friend and more like a distant acquaintance.

But that experience will soon change in Stage 7. The point to all this is that we are learning to let go, so that something in us and through us can lead. It is similar to what happens to seeds before they germinate. The seeds are buried in the ground in complete and total darkness so that something can grow out of the soil into something new. The same is true with us but we cannot skip this process otherwise we are back to living out of the smaller self. Words cannot adequately describe this state of being.

Lonely married Brentwood is filled with contradictions of both death and hope, pain and optimism, waiting and longing, Lonely married Brentwood and peace, addiction and grace, betrayal and love, and so on. The great paradox is that our first half of life is dying off and we are in many ways returning to a womb of darkness so that we can experience a birth of transformation. John O'Donohue gave a beautiful discussion in his audio lecture series "The Inner Landscape" where he speaks at length regarding suffering.

John stated, "Wounds aren't sent to make you small, they are sent to you to open you up to make you more kind, gracious, and beautiful Real suffering is where the contractions within us harmonize. We Lonely married Brentwood want to expand but to expand is so painful that is why so few if ever choose such a path. The beauty is that the path, in many ways, chooses us if we will honor and stay true to the journey.

David Whyte so poetically wrote, "the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest This is what is happening and allowing us to move to Stage 7. It is an expansion of heart which allows us to move to Stage 7: I am my larger self. Some of you I will hollow out. I will make you a cave. I will carve you so deep the stars will shine in your darkness. You will be a bowl. You will be the cup in the rock collecting rain. I will hollow you with knives.

I will not do this to make you clean. I will not do this to make you pure You are clean already. You are pure already. I will do this because the world needs the hollowness of you. I will do this for the space that you will be. I will do this because you must be large. A passage. People will find their way through you. A bowl. People will eat from you.

And their hunger will not weaken them to death. A cup to catch the sacred rain. My daughter [son], do not cry. Do not be afraid. Nothing you need will be lost. I am shaping you. I am making you ready. Light will flow in your hollowing. You will be filled with light. Your bones will shine.

The round open center of you will be radiant. I will call you brilliant one. I will call you daughter [son] who is wide. I will call you transformed. Here we completely identify with our wounds and can't see past them. This is a time in life where life has completely fallen apart, a time so painful that you just want it to stop.

But if we have people loving on us, believing in us, carrying hope for us, we can ultimately experience our wounds differently. It is during this stage that we must face our wounds and shame.

Lonely married Brentwood

Our shame can be understood as negative beliefs we have picked up along the way that are specific to our own story and experiences. These shame scripts can look like the following: I'm bad, I'm too much, I'm a failure, I'm permanently damaged, I'm not lovable, I'm not good enough, I don't belong, and I should have done something. But the wound is our doorway This is the time in our lives, if we can allow ourself smaller self to get out of the way, that real transformation begins to take place. This has to happen below the surface, in ways we do not understand nor see.

Lonely married Brentwood

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