Miami Florida publix stunning blonde

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Im giving four stars because for my first time being at this publix, I'm disappointed in hearing a couple of conversations being held by employees. It's not even about being a young mom, but had they been having a more serious conversation about certain groups of people before someone that happens to fall in the category, it can be either triggering or simply hurtful. I will continue going to my publix on Old Cutler. Is was a pleasure for me to hace such nice young gentleman that got the best Customer Service ever, his name is Maurice, a good a sample of how to treat your Customers I the right way, thank you Maurice, keep doing a great job, in sure you one day would be the new manager, for sure.

Had to drive to this Publix around 9 because the Publix down the st refused to serve me at the Deli. So grateful for these two associates making up for the last stores 2 associates that chose to give me the run around instead. All I wanted and needed was hot food for my family.

Miami Florida publix stunning blonde

Thanks again. Every time I go into that store I always feel welcomed! The deli has super nice people, especially that one man I think his name is Jose, is funny and always has me dying laughing when I'm waiting for my sub. Which by the way he makes the best sub, I won't let anyone else make it but him and the store overall is just wonderful! They really cleaned up the place!

Miami Florida publix stunning blonde

It's not as ghetto anymore! Customer service people are amazing as well! I love the people at this store!! Horrible place to shop. I waited while three girls blade not it when I was trying to get ham and cheese at the deli.

Went to talk to the supervisor about it, he was meaner than the girls and already started with a horrible attitude. I recommend the Publix on the other side US1. It's a bit farther away but it is really worth the service that they provide. The female Manager here was very rude and not helpful at all. I came in to return an item that I had not opened or eaten from because it went bad.

Miami Florida publix stunning blonde

She asked me: "what's the problem? No hi, hello, or greeting. That's not how you speak to a customer. I simply wanted a refund or to exchange my item for a fresh one and she refused to do so. I've never had an issue or an unpleasant experience at publix until now and most definitely will not be returning if that's the attitude that they want to display. This is a really nice Publix. I prefer to shop here over grocery stores closer to me, even another Publix that is closer.

Easy parking. The store is clean and well organized. I always find what I'm looking for. Greatly surprised with this one. The employees were super nice and the store as a whole looked very neat. It was in and out for what I needed. Way better than the one in Old Cutler Road.

Miami Florida publix stunning blonde

Clean and organized place. Good costumer service and loved to shop here. Easy to park and had all of the things I need. Nice employees but I had to wait a very long time about an hour for chicken to get prepared and than fried. Chicken that's on sale should be ready. Had to wait 30 minutes for one order to fried and then 30 minutes for another other of chicken to fry.

Got there at 8pm and got both order of 8 piece chicken at 9pm. Miami Florida publix stunning blonde looks clean but bathroom not clean and smells as if it hasn't been cleaned in a couple of weeks. Placed an order online, our order was to be ready by pm according to confirmation recieved by. We headed to Publix on US 1 and Allapatha and walked to the online pick up We asked the lady at the deli and showed her our confirmation and she tells us that she didn't recieve our order.

We placed the order at We can see that Publix is not a pleasure to shop at Calling management is not helpful First time we had a problem with online ordering, we got a manager involved and she was acting as if everything was okay, no apology for the bad service and mockery we received from Publix on US 1. Great Selection of Food and Fresh Produce, I found many sales inside with instant savings, you don't have to posess one of those member cards, great place! An older Publix.

I used to buy groceries at this location, until Publix at the Shoppes of quail roost was built. I remembered a clean store always stocked, pleasant employees. Food in deli looked old and stale. Just doesn't care for that particular store. It was at my convenience today. Thank you. Well stocked with courteous workers. The Deli makes delicious subs. Good parking too. In addition I use their speedy Western Union service Easy finding what I was looking for! Dollar store next door. All in walking distance. I love Publix. Usually employees are respectful.

But, today, the meat department guys were all "cooky". Keep them on a leash. Ordered an online pickup, came 15 minutes after the scheduled time and they had no clue where the order was there was only 1 person in line, so it's not like they were busy. They insisted that I did something wrong when I had the ed receipt right in front of them. They then shodily threw together my sandwich while scoffing at me. Dimple was the deli worker's name. I've been to a lot of Publix's and this is the first time I felt unwelcome.

I'm usually not one to complain, but this is not the Publix I know and love This left a bad taste in my mouth and I'll be reconsidering where I go to get groceries in the future. Was not crowded that's is why I went there, every thing is on good sale buy one and get one Free, and I found some products I needed ,I hope Publix continue giving very good services and April the cachier was very, very nice.

Felt very welcomed great products and cashier was very friendly and didn't feel like he had to be there but as he wanted to be there. Publix deli sandwiches are the best, always fresh. This particular store has the most courteous staff of workers, every level of this store.

Yes, It is a pleasure to shop at Publix. My Favorite Store. Not among the best Publix that I have frequented. The item are not as updated and it is situated in a lower middle class area. The good service is still worthy of a Publix supermarket. Help is always readily available and the employees are mostly courteous. First time ever being disappointed in Publix food bar.

I asked for 3 chicken tenders. At home I was shocked by tbe soggy tasteless chicken breasts "Tenders" never again for me. The rest of the store was great for me. The meat cutter squared me away immediately. Just another pleasant experience at this particular location. Pubix is a great place to shop. Their staff are very helpful and also no where every product in the store is located. I love Publix fresh fruit and freshly made doughnuts from the bakery. Fast service at the cashier, conveniently located, and they alsi taje coupons from Sedanos and Presidente now.

Oooo yea! The menu is delish. Just 1 more hidden beautiful in south florida. It's really clean and everyone is friendly there is a young lady I think her name us Rachel she's wonderful thank you for making my shopping a plesure.

It is always a pleasure the workers there are always courteous,friendly and very helpful. From 1 through 5 and 5 is the highest I would rate them a 5. I will never order a cake here again apparently the staff are not good in doing s. Anyways everything else about the store is great Im just dissatisfied with the bakery! As always, Publix is a very good supermarket.

Tidy, well organized and with sort of different products. I love this Publix super market, the store is great an the management and employees are wonderful too never had a problem at this store and I've lived here in this town for about 50 years. It's a smaller store but all the employees are very attentive and so are the Managers, especially Rachel, very quick with customer service. I ordered my sub online and went to pick it up in store. The young man who prepared my sub gave it to me about five minutes after it was supposed to be ready BUT he was truly apologetic and the sub was probably the best I've had.

Falls a bit short of Publix is motto where shopping is a pleasure. Unfortunately, the attitude you feel going into this Publix is a bit standoffish and cold. The deli person named Dimple was very unfriendly. After helping the c u stoner in front if me she just stared at me without saying one moment while wiping prep area.

When she was done I smiled and the lady did not acknowledge me again. No greeting at all. Finally I started telling her what I wanted she did not respond. After a minute or so she asked w g at I wanted. Miami Florida publix stunning blonde repeated my sub order again. Still being unfriendly acting as if she did not want to serve me and asking me to repeat my order a third time. When she was done she handed me my sandwich and turned her head to walk away no thank you no goodbye no greetings again what the name of Dimple you would at least expect a half a smile instead I got a dirty look and rolling eyes.

The whole store is clean, staff friendly and everything is super organized. Pricing for Publix aren't as cheap as Winn Dixie or even Wal-Mart, yet you can good deal of buy one and get one free on food items. Staff was friendly and I was able to find chicken livers for my dogs to eat. Good change other publix I reviewed seems to me the bad one this one friendly staff and fast service. Give it a 4 for its HORRIBLE parking and dry sandwichesDon't get me wrong the sandwiches are amazing, if you like them dry which I do not A bit small but it's easy to find what I needTip: don't park directly in front of the publix, even if you are handicapped,You'll sit there foreverAnyway I've yet to have a one star experience here and plus there's the dollar tree next door bonus.

There are a few very nice cashier here ,but the other half are rude and Miami Florida publix stunning blonde no product knowlegde.

Miami Florida publix stunning blonde

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