Seeking hooters girl type

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While Hooters claims to be a family-friendly establishment, serving wings, and other game-night foods, the behavior of its patrons might suggest otherwise. From the outfits the waitresses wear to how they're expected to interact with customers, there's a whole lot going on inside these restaurants than family entertainment. In fact, waitresses who have worked at Hooters have a lot to say about the behavior of their clientele. While a job is a job, that doesn't mean the ladies from Hooters have to deal with some of the really awkward things guys do while dining there.

It's not hard to find firsthand stories of waitresses dealing with obnoxious guys while on the clock at Hooters. Here are their stories. An unfortunately common explanation for what working at Hooters is like is this: management acts like creeps.

Seeking hooters girl type

So, something waitresses hate that guys do there is be terrible bosses. From flirting with their employees to playing favorites, a lot of the male managers at numerous Hooters locations weren't on their best behavior, waitresses wrote on Reddit. Since Hooters is a restaurant, you'd expect patrons Seeking hooters girl type tip like normal. But as the waitresses there explain, a lot of guys seemed to think they were visiting a super-cheap establishment and tipped accordingly.

Even when the food was good and the service was impeccable, cheapskates were apt to tip barely anything, one waitress explained. Apparently, a lot of male guests seem to think that Hooters isn't actually a restaurant. Instead, they think it's a cheaper version of adult entertainment, waitresses claim. So the men expect special attention without giving tips and sometimes overstep boundaries, say the ladies who have worked there. It's kind of weird to go to a restaurant and try and recruit the staff there for other work. But per some Redditors' comments, many guys come into Hooters and try to convince the waitresses to model.

While it might be flattering to receive such a "compliment," we have to wonder whether those job offers are really legit. Tons of former Hooters girls complain about male customers getting too handsy while eating at the restaurant. From guys who pretended they couldn't see to get a "helping hand" to ones who wouldn't hesitate to reach out and grab their server, guys who can't keep them hands to themselves are the bane of a waitress's existence. Hooters girls pay a lot for their uniformssome waitresses explain via Reddit. But that doesn't mean they're willing to sell their unmentionables to guests who come in and wave cash in their faces.

Yes, it happens, and yes, it really bothers the waitresses when guys offer them money for the clothes off their backs. Just like other women in certain professions are perceived as airhe, so it goes at Hooters, waitresses say.

They note that guys will often ask, in a condescending way, what they're studying or what they have a degree in. Assuming a girl isn't smart because of where she works is rude, of course, and the waitresses at Hooters don't like it one bit. We get it: the servers at Hooters are totally attractive. But that doesn't mean guys can snap a pic whenever they feel like Seeking hooters girl type. One waitress tells about a patron who took over 50 photos of her and her coworkers, including zoomed-in shots. That's a definite no-no, and Hooters girls hate it when guys invade their privacy that way. By favorite, we mean, a Hooters girl a guy has a crush on.

And by weird gifts, we mean certain clothing items that gals usually prefer to buy for themselves. If you want to give a gift to your server, a tip is always welcome Other types of gifts are usually not as appreciated. Since most waitresses make their money off tips, they want you to actually come in and order a meal.

Seeking hooters girl type

Not like the teen boys who come in and split a plate of fries and only drink water, say Hooters girls on Reddit. It's not like it's a fancy dinner spot, so you can probably afford a burger, at least. If not, don't bother coming in and wasting the servers' time. Hooters girls have had it with guys who won't take no for an Seeking hooters girl type, just like every other waitress everywhere. If you ask a girl for her and she makes an excuse or ignores you, take a hint, right? Hooters ladies say they'll often take down a guy's instead but won't call him unless she's truly interested and most of the time, she's just trying to avoid an awkward situation.

Yeah, it's sort of the idea at Hooters, isn't it? But if you can't make eye contact with your server at Hooters long enough to get your order taken, you're probably the kind of guy she'll take as being a creeper. There's no harm in looking, but the staring is what's bothersome, say Hooters girls. They do have eyes, too, after all. Plenty of families and couples go to Hooters, but the waitresses there say they don't like it when visibly uncomfortable girlfriends accompany their guys.

If your lady isn't down with visiting a Hooters, you should probably pick another place to get your wing fix. At least, according to the gals who work there. Think whatever you want, guys, but say anything to a Hooters girl about her body, and you'll likely get a new server who's not as perky about helping you. One waitress said a customer who was a regular called her "thunder thighs," which was totally unwelcome and awkward.

But even "positive" comments about their anatomy are unjustified, too. Sure, you can Seeking hooters girl type a decent meal at Hooters. But the guys who swear they only go there for food? That's one pet peeve of waitresses there. While they aren't just eye candy, they do want customers to appreciate their good looks and good service. So while it's not all about their bodies, their service should be appreciated just as much as the halfway decent wings.

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Seeking hooters girl type

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Seeking hooters girl type

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