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In this article I am going to talk about the theoretical and practicalities of dating women from another culture. Target audience : anybody who plans to move to Thailand with the intention of finding a life partner. When Thai people turn 18, very few are dreaming of working in an enclosed office space, or working at all for that matter. Since there is no opportunity for a rewarding careerthe primary focus of life for Thai men and women is to find a partner and start a family. Thais get married Thailand cheating bitch a much younger age than the west.

Children send money back to their parents when they are old enough to work, so having children at a young age in Asia has advantages such as you can retire sooner. Even when a woman is married she will be expected to send money back to her family, and hence the stories you hear of guys sending monthly amounts to their girlfriend and family.

The point I want to make is that Eastern societies put family first and their career on the back burner. We want money so bad we work 40 hours per week, and cut down on time spent with friends and family to earn it. Western societies put their career ahead of relationships and family. Western society is set up in a way where family and relationships are second to building a career and being financially free. Thai culture they take things faster. Everything from having sex, calling her your girlfriend to moving into together is done at a much faster rate here. You speak two totally different languages and neither of you know the other well enough to speak at very deep or personal level.

Thailand cheating bitch

Nobody in Asia could understand me for the first year, even native speaking Europeans had a hard time following me. Over the years I Thailand cheating bitch to slow my voice and smooth my accent to a point where Thai people could understand my English. The average Thai has poor English, you can certainly find girls with great English but to tackle heavy topics will be hard due to the language barrier.

Being able to communicate on a deep and personal level takes a lot of practice, if you lack competent social skills it will be really hard. It took me well over a year to adjust my English and re-phase questions so Thais could understand me better.

In Thailand cheating bitch, the people who read my blog teach children. The subjects they learn are taught in a different way to how we were. None of these are necessarily bad things or should stop you from dating in Asia, these are just points to be aware of if seeking a serious relationship in Thailand.

As years go by, the girlfriend moves higher in the hierarchy of needs until we make the mistake of marrying her. You may just want to have a girlfriend because you were tired of partying or got bored of living alone, she is qualifying you as a life partner. I wrote a blog post a few years ago saying that anyone coming to Thailand should not get a girlfriend within the first 6 month.

The sex gets boring, they realize they have nothing in common, her English is no good and he cannot get out of the relationship because she has moved in. Wait 6 months at least to see if you both have a connection and are compatible to spend time with each other after the sex fizzles out. Keep that in mind when asking a Thai girl to move in, if she accepts her intention is to go all the way. This is personal opinion but I think the worst thing you can do when finding a Thai girlfriend is to date a girl who is not totally independent.

Many will share a room a small studio room with 3 people to save on costs and live off 7-Eleven noodles. If you move in with your girlfriend and she is not fully independent, then your life is her life. By fully independent I mean she has her own means of support any salary over 15,bfriends to meet on a regular basis, hobbies and passions. A common theme here is the guy tell their girlfriend to stop working because her salary is too low 13,b and the hours too great hours 6 times per week. At the very least get her to start some sort of Instagram business or learn a skill like English or marketing so she can make her own income and not be forced to work a shit job.

If you make her dependant on you from the start, as time goes by she will rely on you more and more. This weight will break your relationship. This is not a healthy relationship. This is very hard to find but it will be worth it. If your Thai girlfriend does not have a high level of English, as the relationship goes further and sex gets routine, things will fizzle out if you cannot communicate.

Thailand cheating bitch

This is fine for a date but do you want that for 30 years? When Thai girls go out with Thai guys guy friends or boyfriendsthe guy pays for everything. For example, if you go to a restaurant where the bill is 1,b pay it and tell her the b desert is on her. Western guys in Thailand drink in the worst locations to meet girls, this is why you hear so many negative stories about them beating cheaters or scammers.

Thailand cheating bitch

A good Thai girl is not going to cheat on you because she is prospecting you to be her life partner. There are words in Thai for a second wife mai noi and fuck buddies gik to give you an idea of how frequent cheating is. Thai girls do care if you cheat on them, they just happen to get over it faster than western women.

Some of them can also take it really really bad and chop your dick off in the middle of the night, this is common. If you cheat in the west, the only option for some women is a divorce and half your money. Most of the horror stories you hear about Thai girls is because the guy found her at a sleazy bar.

Thailand cheating bitch

There are Thai girls who make a very good living by dating western several western men and getting money from them each month. This type of girl is easy to find clubs but must be avoided. As a whole they have traditional views, men dominate and the women will listen follow them as long as the guy keeps bringing home the bread. They have good English, they are earning a good salary, are independent, not crazy and will be able to offer you companionship as a long-term partner. Your thoughts? As always leave Thailand cheating bitch comment below so I can get your feedback on this article and what you would like next.

Good stuff Harvie, I have a wonderful Thai girlfriend, she has the patience of a saint. Language is sometimes a barrier because I am her first foreign boyfriend but we always work out our differences. I would be a much better person if I had her understanding and patience. One area that can be difficult is Humor…there is a huge difference in western humor vs Thai understanding of a joke. She will say something that you or I would take seriously whereas she is only joking, this has opened up needless conversation had she been clear about make a joke of an issue.

It will take time as we are only 2 months into our relationship but we are slowly getting there and I believe worth time and occasional moment of frustration. Getting her to watch Friends helps :D. This is an actually a very interesting article. Some of them were quite wealthy as well. One of them has owned a sports car and a villa by the beach. So she was financially well-off Thailand cheating bitch I could safely assume that she appreciated my company and not my wallet :-P.

English is key. I personally go for decent English, but nothing super complex. I figure they will learn English if we start dating. On the paying for stuff: I almost always pay for everything when we go out, but I date broke university students; no allowances or anything though. Do give them Grab money like 50 cents. Guys that refuse to pay for anything most of the guys on RooshV really grind my gears. Either soft 5s at best with hiso backgrounds educated in the west or pumped and dumped by western guys.

If it stopped there, that would be fine, but it doesnt! I have a very pretty friend with very white natural teeth, she was angry because her white date had given her a lecture about how her teeth could be aligned and how much it would cost to do that where Thailand cheating bitch came from, and he wasnt even a dentist. If she didnt understand what he said they would have gotten along much better. And she dont need alignment at all, so pretty natural smile. In addition to being a rejection its also an insult to their intelligence.

And of course, IKEA and Volvo are bad topics, noone cares, not in Asia and not in the western world, in universal language its called being a dork. A little positivity has never hurt anyones chances. Another boring farang drone l overheard was telling his girl about how racist the white skin thing is and tanned skin was more healthy. Another American putting the world to rights eh. Having a dialogue about these things can be really good.

Talking about this is fine but demanding or changing the girl to believe your way of thinking is not. Regardless of where the girl is from, you should not want change them but accept them. My next blog will touch on this. I agree that the lack of advanced English is great for more inexperienced guys though.

Thailand cheating bitch

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