Want to use a feeldoe on me

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Subscribe to our monthly newsletter Submit. Free your hands for other activities and use this strapless strapon for the ultimate in pleasure. Availability: In stock. The Tantus feeldoe is an amazing adult toy that combines the excitement of strap-on sex and the pleasure of mutual penetration without the hassles of a harness.

Unlike other dildos, the feeldoe is contoured to fit the body. The bulb end of the dildo is held inside the vagina by contracting the vagina muscles. The ridged portion stimulates your clitoris and it's superior de allows you to satisfy your partner at just the right angle. No Harness necessary! Experience full skin on skin connection with your partner. Tips for use: The feeldoe bulb can also be inserted anally for solo double penetration or for partner sex. A male can wear it anally for double penetrating action or in cases of penile dysfunction.

Want to use a feeldoe on me

Cant find a harness that fits? The feeldoe fit into you; accommodating men and women of any size. Using the feeldoe will develop your anal or vaginal muscles for more intense orgasms. Call now to speak to our knowledgeable customer service team. This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below.

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Medical grade silicone Hypoallergenic Waterproof Dishwasher safe Boil to sterilise No plastic smell or taste. up to get notified when this product is back in stock. Add to Wishlist. Details The world's first strapless strap-on and multi-use toy for adults. Made with Medical Gradeplatinum silicone.

No rashes, irritation, or infections. Completely hypoallergenic. Dishwasher-safe and boil-able. No plastic smell - completely odourless. No plastic taste. Made for a woman by a woman. Made to enjoy for years. My partner and I ordered the feeldoe to try something different and spice up our love life a bit! It was a little awkward to get used to it and try different positions. We can understand other reviewers commenting about the difficulty without a strap to help hold the feeldoe in place.

This was particularly the case if we used lube or after we had been using it for a while and were both very wet! We were happy with the length and girth however we are now looking to upgrade to the stout. We have Want to use a feeldoe on me out what positions are comfortable for us and are happy we stuck with it and practiced a lot!! Overall its a great product and nice to have that 'hands free' experience. When it arrived I think I underestimated the size. Not to worry. Spent a few days wandering around with it and dropping it a few times to my partners amusement.

The bulb fits well and after practice specially because I've had children it was getting easier to hold in. Still a bit too heavy but I'm sure with more practice I'll get more control over it. Had looked at strap on items and my partner found this product. This was easy and fantastic first use. Will still need practice to become more proficient - but we are looking forward to the practice! Didn't use the bullet - didn't need it as the new toy was exciting enough. Enabled us to be more intimate with each other at the same time and remain close to each other. We were both satisfied with this and look forward to using it again.

Easy to clean, no issues with electrical parts getting wet. Highly recommend this product. Very happy with the purchase. This is a product we have seen a few times and have often wondered about but when we decided to go on holiday we thought a couple of gifts for each other would be a perfect addition to the week. The most exciting contritrution turned out to be the Feeldoe. Oh WOW!! What a piece of equipment that is!! First of all, you have to relax to its size, it is MUCH larger than it looks in the photos, and that little vibe bullet We ended up loving that just on its own when time was more limited ; Used with imagination, the potential is unlimited and it is also really great for kegel tone as well.

Much for fun than the standard exercises! It wont be our no. All we can say is buy one mmmmmmm. We have ly tried a smaller 'non-Feeldo' strapless strap on but found it too small to work with. We therefore went with the big black Feeldoe and were worried that we may have overcommitted, but were glad that we had chosen it once it arrived.

As we are still "learning" to be with another women, it proved to be a fun filled experience. Some instructions or diagrams would have been great! We have found that much of the size can get taken up with external 'body space' in many of the traditional sex positions, so that not all of the length can be put to use. The best position for us was with one of us on our backs with the other partner climbing on astride I love the feeling of the bulb inside me which makes me feel very full, and also makes a great handle for super hard thrusting the length into my partner when not engaging in mutual penetration.

Controlling the Feeldoe and using your internal muscles to hold the Feeldoe certainly takes some practice The Feeldoe - Stout is very sexy to the eye, nice to the touch and no smell at all. We love it and are looking forward to Tantus releasing an even bigger model! Oh boy. She was halfway to orgasm just from me sucking it… and got the rest of the way when she slipped it in me. Her end of it fits snugly and securely and left her happily full. Want to use a feeldoe on me both wondered if it would be large enough but it did the job well. My end… mmmm!

Bravo Feeldoe, and thank you Femplay! I took her out for a fantastic dinner with lovely wines and brilliant food then bought her home where I teased and thrilled her all night with my new Feeldoe.

Want to use a feeldoe on me

We have not stopped using it and enjoying the Feeldoe thoroughly since then. We would never go back to using traditional strapons — they simply are unable to give us anywhere near the level of intimacy and satisfaction that we have achieved by using the Feeldoe. Thanks very much Femplay and Feeldoe :. A friend had told me that he'd heard the Feeldoe slips around too much when you are too wet, but I was pleased to find that isn't the case - it fits very securely in place with added stabilisation from my thighs holding it steady.

The de is a masterpiece - the angles and positioning are just so, though I have learnt how important strong butt muscles are when you have to do a lot of thrusting! It is also easy to clean and can be warmed up in hot water before use. The silicone material is a bit sticky when dry, but very slippery when lubed up. The only failing in the de of this toy is that the vibrations are not very intense from the bullet - they have to make their way through a lot of rigid plastic before they reach you.

My way around this problem is to put one of the stretchy cockrings that hold a vibrating bullet around my own Feeldoe the way you would around a male partner.

Want to use a feeldoe on me

This can be done with a second bullet and still use the Feeldoe's bullet at the same time for a little extra vibration, especially inside the vagina. I'm looking forward to trying it in a variety of ways - on both male and female partners, and having it used on me by a male partner for double penetration. In theory two can be worn at once for a woman to use on a woman.

Want to use a feeldoe on me

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